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                            1. Factory Profile

                              Joyroll, manufactures quality conveyor components for bulk material handling, including idlers roller, frame, pulley.

                              Hebei Joyroll Conveyor Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 2008, is a professional manufacturer of belt conveyor and parts. Our factory is located in economic development industrial park, handan city, hebei province, China, covering 33000 square meters.

                              Our factory have the international advanced automatic conveyor roller production line, have advanced electrostatic powder coating production line, and a full range conveyor roller testing equipment, annual production capacity 600,000 pcs conveyor roller. We can produce Chinese standard TD75 type and DT II type roller, also can produce roller according to international standard, such as DIN, AS, JIS, CEMA, SANS-SABS, GOST, AFNOR etc. Our roller have small runout, low revolving resistance, dust proof, water proof, low noise, revolving well, energy saving, long service over 30,000 hour.

                              3d开奖000历史Joyroll production technology level and product quality has gained recognition of the customers at home and abroad, the products are widely used in coal, mining, ports, construction, steel mills, electric power plant and other fields, and exported to Germany, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia and so on, more than 50 countries and regions.

                              3d开奖000历史We insist on the quality policy of "Quality is our life, Reputation is our future, Satisfaction is our pursuit, Improvement is our goal", and guarantee to supply the best products for our customer.

                              conveyor roller

                              conveyor roller


                              conveyor roller

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